This blog is all about getting me going with writing. It’s started out being about music but may yet branch into other areas. Some ideas may be developed into something longer and hopefully more insightful at a later stage. After 10 posts, it’s fair to say that it’s all about music but that may not necessarily remain so. Other aspects may include more journalism on current events, literature and sport, humour, prose, literary criticism and possibly stuff relating to my beagle. The beagle is called ‘Dylan’; the Jack Russell I grew up with was called ‘Tuppence’ because that was how much she cost.
I feel that writing is something I have neglected since I was at university and now I’m playing catch up. The reality is that from now I will always be doing that. Not to worry, I have to start somewhere. I also need to improve my discipline on this as I really can be quite lazy and slow in producing material. Again, I’m just going to try to work through that and find a natural pace that suits me. I am also trying to develop my own fiction ideas on the side but am currently looking to develop more depth to my writing before working on drafts that might otherwise be somewhat flippant.