These two albums have never been bought at the same time by anyone except my Gran.

An additional memory to ‘The Lost Years’ (pretentious ass!) would have to concern my grandmother. It was only much later at some point in the 1990s that she revealed that she used to buy The Melody Maker when it first came out in the 1930s and mostly covered jazz in a style of language that is now slightly out of date…in that it was generally hideously racist in every way imaginable.
Anyway, at some point in 1986, my gran discovered that I was getting into music and decided to try to buy me some from her local rural shop for Christmas. She chose a 7″ of ‘U-Vox’ with The Chieftains which was utterly dreadful and two cassettes which have never been bought together at any other point in history: Secret Affair’s ‘Glory Boys’ and The Very Best of The Ink Spots. Top that anyone who claims to have eclectic tastes. Mum insisted we send them back immediately. I have never since listened to The Ink Spots or Midge and the boys, but I did buy a vinyl copy of the Secret Affair album at some point in 1993 and still retain a soft spot for its mod revival tunes – basically it sounds like a bunch of kids have just seen Quadrophenia and then decided that they’d like a piece of the action. Cheers Gran.